Fight a Fish

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1st46.30cmJohn Hough79294
2nd44.10cmAndrew Jessop61260
3rd43.70cmLinkin Yates29427
Jr 1st47.90cmHarley Risby34386
Jr 2nd42.90cmKai Pender80853
Jr 3rd42.80cmWill Hansen*81020
Mystery Length 1 - 38.2cm38.20cmJustin Pearce*93114
Mystery Length 2 - 35.3cm35.30cmTom Scott*49776

* – Countback: Will Hansen upload Sun 12.26pm; Justin Pearce upload Sun 7.14pm; Tom Scott upload Sun 6.08pm


1st92.90cmLaurence Benn13627
2nd91.30cmPaul Busch14781
3rd91.00cmBrendon Hepworth45600
Jr 1st84.50cmTom Wheatley96439
Jr 2nd79.50cmKenneth Lewis48145
Jr 3rd77.50cmBradley Braddick28787
Mystery Length 1 - 74.5cm74.80cmMadeleine Haines*69057
Mystery Length 2 - 60.0cm60.00cmDarren Webb*60468

* – Countback: Madeleine Haines upload Sun 6.19pm; Darren Webb upload Sun 1.33pm


1st44.20cmJustin Cranston58127
2nd43.10cmGarry Pearson28429
3rd43.00cmCallum Carmont96428
Jr 1st39.50cmNancy Godfree57624
Jr 2nd36.60cmMia Bursle*91630
Jr 3rd36.60cmLachie Harper*44563
Mystery Length 1 - 38.1cm38.00cmShane Bursle32682
Mystery Length 2 - 36.5cm36.30cmMick Martin*73892

* – Countback: Mia Bursle upload Sun 4.40pm; Lachie Harper upload Sun 6.23pm; Mick Martin upload Sun 6.05pm


1st75.00cmGary Enkelmann32906
2nd66.00cmAdrian Connolly97746
3rd59.00cmMitchell Simonis23376
Jr 1st52.40cmFelicity McInerney60305
Jr 2nd48.00cmLochlan Milevski23257
Jr 3rd45.30cmNed Hughes43396
Mystery Length 1 - 47.0cm47.00cmChris Garrett84611
Mystery Length 2 - 39.9cm39.90cmMeg Hanrahan34502


1st45.70cmAlexander Klassen26085
2nd44.80cmDane Lambert28644
3rd44.70cmDarryl Havers55175
Jr 1st40.50cmLewis Tolley12219
Jr 2nd39.90cmCooper Reid62985
Jr 3rd38.50cmJackson Havers29506
Mystery Length 1 - 40.8cm40.90cmMaxlyn Davies-Long40467
Mystery Length 2 - 37.4cm37.40cmMatthew Keen72726

** – Honorable Mention to Cooper Reid NSW Tailor 48.5cm and 2nd NSW Jr Whiting

** – Honorable Mention to Mia Bursle NSW Tailor 47.3cm and 2nd NSW Jr Luderick

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