Murray-Darling Basin

The Fishing Challenge is all about working with you, the competitor. Since introducing the Murray-Darling Basin section of the Challenge in 2011, we’ve had a fantastic response.

And this year there are three target species in this section – Murray Cod, Golden Perch and European Carp. Any angler fishing in the Murray-Darling Basin area (as per the map shown here) can enter.

Redfin is now included in the Open Category.

Open Full-Size Map. Geospatial data provided by the Dept of the Environment.

Below are some important points for the Murray-Darling Basin category:

  • The Murray-Darling Basin encompasses an area from south-western Queensland, western New South Wales, central western Victoria and the Murray catchment in South Australia.
  • Fish eligible for the Challenge can be caught in any river or tributary flowing into either the Murray or Darling Rivers. To simplify any public river, tributary or creek that flows west of the Great Dividing Range and eventually into the Murray or Darling rivers is permitted.
  • An extension to the Murray Darling Basin boundaries will apply in Queensland north from Chinchilla to Emerald and west to Longreach.
  • In South Australia, the Myponga and South Parra Reservoirs are included.
  • Competitors can be from Queensland, New South Wales / ACT, Victoria and South Australia.
  • You can upload one photograph per target species.
  • Fish entered in this category are put down as Murray-Darling Basin (or MDB) and not State specific.
  • Public impoundments that are west of the Great Dividing Range and open to fishing for the target species selected are eligible for inclusion.
  • Private dams and impoundments are strictly excluded from the Challenge.
  • There will be four target species in the Murray Darling Basin category. Prizes will be awarded as per each state.
  • Murray Cod may only be targeted with artificial lures. No bait of any description, live, dead or synthetic, may be used for Murray Cod.