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Target Species

So you can get your mates and family together and plan your fishing trip early, this year we’re announcing the list of target species ahead of time.

Region Target Species State
East Coast Freshwater Australian Bass NSW/ACT, QLD, VIC
Mountain Trout Rainbow or brown trout Tasmania, NSW/ACT, QLD, VIC
Murray-Darling Basin European Carp NSW/ACT, QLD, VIC, SA
Murray-Darling Basin Murray Cod (no bait, only lure) NSW/ACT, QLD, VIC
Murray-Darling Basin Redfin NSW/ACT, QLD, VIC, SA
Murray-Darling Basin Golden Perch NSW/ACT, QLD, VIC, SA
NSW/ACT Bream (yellowfin) NSW/ACT
NSW/ACT Leatherjacket (all species excluding Chinamen and Unicorn NSW/ACT
QLD Barramundi (freshwater and saltwater) QLD
QLD Flathead QLD
QLD Trevally QLD
QLD Whiting QLD
TAS Australian Salmon TAS
Top End Barramundi (freshwater and saltwater) NT and Northern WA
Top End Trevally (all species) NT and Northern WA
VIC Bream (all species) VIC
VIC Flathead VIC
Southern WA / SA King George Whiting SA and Southern WA
Southern WA / SA Bream (all species) SA and Southern WA

NSW: Leatherjacket. All species of Leatherjack, with the exception of ‘Chinamen Leatherjacket’ and ‘Unicorn’ are eligible. ‘Chinamen Leatherjacket’, as shown in the photo, and ‘Unicorn’ are excluded.

Chinamen Leatherjacket
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