Guesty’s Fishing Tips

Guesty shares some great tips and techniques, when rigging your rod and targeting species included in this years Pirtek Fishing Challenge.

Knots and Rigging Your Rod

Bimini Twist

Doubles your line with a secure twist, great for matching line and leader sizes for a more even stronger knot.

Blood Knot

Great all round knot for tying on hooks and swivels.

Circle Hooks

Are perfect for catch and release fishing as most of the time the hook will lodge into the corner off the jaw. Hard to dis lodge and very strong for their size.

Dropper Rig

Excellent for fishing vertically either inshore or offshore. Less snags with this rig over rough bottom.

Loop Knot

Great for lure fishing as the loop allows the lure to swim more naturally.

Double Uni Knot

Easy to ty good solid strong all round connection knot for either braid or mono.

Estuary Rig

Basic fishing rig suited for a range of species in estuary’s, bays and rivers.

FG Knot

Advanced knot for tying mono leader to braid. Very strong with almost zero knot profile perfect for casting takes a little practise to learn.

Snooded Rig

Great for fishing with live bait or bigger dead baits.

Running Sinker Snooded Rig

A great way to keep your bait off the bottom and allow bigger fish to take the bait more naturally.






Murray Cod

Golden Perch