Fight a Fish

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Top End, Southern WA and SA

While most categories are state-based, for the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia we’ve combined them into two areas that provide more opportunities for competitors; the ‘Top End’ and the ‘Southern WA / SA’ categories.

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Below you will find guidelines for these categories:

Top End

  • The Top End category encompasses all of the Northern Territory, including the major off shore islands, and Western Australia from the Northern Territory / West Australian corner border, heading west in a straight line to Kalbarri and north.
  • Target species are Barramundi (saltwater/freshwater) and Trevally (all species).
  • Fish eligible for the Challenge can be caught in any public river, tributary or public impoundment.
  • Competitors may upload one photograph per target species.
  • Fish entered in this category are nominated as Top End (TE) and not State specific.
  • Private dams and impoundments are strictly excluded from the Pirtek Fishing Challenge.

Southern WA and South Australia

The Southern WA and SA category encompasses all of South Australia and all of Western Australia not included in the Top End category. In other words, east from Kalbarri in a straight line to the Western Australia / Northern Territory corner border, then south to the Great Australian Bight, and following the coast west and then north to Kalbarri.

The Southern WA / South Australia target species for 2022 are King George Whiting and Bream (all species).