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Check out Guesty’s latest episodes of Reel Action TV.

Guesty uses a variety of techniques and tackle to target some of Australia’s favourite fish species.

You can purchase the entire Season 11 of Reel Action, over seven hours of high-res videos, here.

You can purchase the entire Season 11 of Reel Action, over seven hours of high-res videos from the Reel Action Store.

How to catch Queensland reef fish.

Reel Action Series 9 episode 1 Red Emperor and Coral Trout This is the first episode of the new series of Reel Action and what a ripper it is. Guesty teams up with cricketing legend Andrew Symonds, Jack Nolan and James Forster for long run out of Townsville reef fishing with some cracking results.

How to catch Snapper in the wash on Soft Plastics

Reel Action Series 9 Episode 2 Barrington Coast fishing the wash for Snapper The wash zone created around rocky headlands provides excellent cover for a range of fish including snapper. Guesty catches up with Tom Rocher casting soft plastics into the foam with a spectacular backdrop to tangle with some hard pulling reds.

How to catch Murray Cod on paddle tail soft plastics.

Reel Action Series 9 Episode 3 Car topper Murray cod around Inverell Inverell is renowned for its creeks and rivers all sporting a healthy population of murray cod. Small lightweight aluminium tinnies are a great way to explore the spectacular gorge country.

How to catch a Mulloway on squid

Reel Action Series 9 Episode 4 Seadoo squid with harbour bream and mulloway Squid are not only fantastic to eat but also great bait. After catching a brace of squid Guesty catches up with Brian Perry to try their luck in Newcastle harbour.

How to catch Barramundi on weedless paddle tail soft plastics

Reel Action Series 9 Episode 5 Townsville barramundi with Queensland NRL enforcer Josh McGuire Barramundi are one of Australia’s favourite sportfish they jump, fight hard and can be exceptionally frustrating at times. Guesty, Josh McGuire, Mark Molachino and Jack Nolan have a cracking, competitive session catching some acrobatic barra.

How to catch Rainbow Trout on small soft plastics and school Mulloway on soft plastics.

Reel Action Series 9 Episode 6 Mountain trout and River mouth mulloway Fishing takes you to some amazingly diverse locations. Guesty and Jack Nolan wet a line with the “Trout Father” Paul Sheather near Ebor casting lures for energetic rainbow trout.