Fight a Fish

For Medical Research

Murray/Darling Basin

European Carp

1st90.60cmSteven Jankoski39528
2nd87.80cmMichael Jordan74576
3rd86.20cmSonia Jankoski60164
Jr 1st80.20cmJai Baxter94541
Jr 2nd75.60cmNate Marshall20527
Jr 3rd75.50cmRiley Pitts57389
Mystery Length 64.0cm64.00cmAshley Hewes23537

Golden Perch

1st62.00cmRory Benn-Clibborn62739
2nd55.40cmMax Scotney58182
3rd55.30cmMichael Kovarik95881
Jr 1st52.70cmTodd Fenton44774
Jr 2nd51.60cmThomas Townsend78753
Jr 3rd51.20cmAndrew Grills97220
Mystery Length 55.0cm55.20cmLyndy Sewell88847
2nd Special Mention57.30cmAdam Marchant69391

Murray Cod

1st114.70cmRomen Dicovski70196
2nd106.70cmAdam Marchant69391
3rd105.50cmScott Williamson34399
Jr 1st93.70cmCharlie Grills96173
Jr 2nd86.40cmLexie Young99133
Jr 3rd84.20cmArchie McKern35511


1st49.00cmJason Mackley15700
2nd46.00cmBrendan Doust11681
3rd43.90cmJerome Simpson35539
Jr 1st43.00cmMylie Doust32640
Jr 2nd34.20cmAria Hegvold61014
Jr 3rd33.80cmCooper Polinelli56541
Mystery Length 37.0cm37.10cmGeoff Kerby54854

* – Decided on count back. Click here for the full list of Winners.

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