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Murray/Darling Basin

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European Carp

1st84.50cmPeter Gardener50345
2nd82.00cmCharles Armstrong10040
3rd81.80cmRebecca Hanemann26594
Jr 1st77.40cmWalker Kemp31258
Jr 2nd73.70cmJai Baxter41024
Jr 3rd72.20cmJake Hardy19928
Mystery Length 1 - 69.0cm68.80cmEtienne Dalton59592
Mystery Length 2 - 59.5cm59.60cmDavid Aries*66041

* – Countback: David Aries upload Sun 5.21pm

Golden Perch

1st61.20cmKris Bartman91385
2nd59.20cmJarrod Walker22847
3rd57.60cmShauntaine Wilkinson54774
Jr 1st54.80cmPaddy Grills63847
Jr 2nd53.80cmJoshua Grady21558
Jr 3rd51.30cmTodd Van Der Heyden51769
Mystery Length 1 - 56.5cm56.60cmTerence Stokes26348
Mystery Length 2 - 51.6cm51.50cmJoshua Pattison32374

Murray Cod

1st112.50cmStuart Moodie43337
2nd109.40cmBriana Daly86343
3rd102.00cmAdam Young64985
Jr 1st92.30cmCooper Cavallaro88137
Jr 2nd79.90cmConnor Sier13986
Jr 3rd79.50cmCharlie Grills46907
Mystery Length 1 - 88.6cm91.00cmRoss Zerk46618
Mystery Length 2 - 75.0cm75.80cmKeiran Jones12993


1st46.00cmTodd Fenton81344
2nd45.50cmLuke Marchetti96301
3rd44.70cmBrendan Doust76076
Jr 1st50.20cmSam Winton93441
Jr 2nd47.30cmMylie Doust15644
Jr 3rd44.60cmJoey Doust68865
Mystery Length 1 - 39.4cm39.30cmTroy Hatfield*29822
Mystery Length 2 - 34.6cm34.50cmAnthony Cracknell68767

* – Countback: Troy Hatfield upload Sun 5.41pm

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