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Australian Salmon

1st78.00cmPeter Johnston43034
2nd77.30cmBrendan Podlich28273
3rd71.00cmKatherine Penfold39104
Jr 1st67.80cmHunter Wearne37209
Jr 2nd67.20cmChloe McCallum91169
Jr 3rd63.20cmLucinda Ingram28237
Mystery Length 155.00cmJessica Crosswell63473
Mystery Length 246.20cmAdrian Scardilli31483

Barred Grunter/Javelin Fish

1st59.00cmReece Tyshing50165
2nd58.60cmHelen Johnson79205
3rd56.80cmKailang Oth86793
Jr 1st58.00cmLexi Shepherd41350
Jr 2nd56.30cmJames Middleton11758
Jr 3rd51.80cmJack Puxty57868
Mystery Length 151.00cmDavid McCracken74554
Mystery Length 244.50cmAaron Eves16896


1st46.10cmBrad Penna84605
2nd45.80cmJason Mackley58028
3rd45.00cmTom Kulczynski53561
Jr 1st50.00cmSam Winton12321
Jr 2nd45.70cmPeyton Childs46610
Jr 3rd44.90cmTheodore Farrell99678
Mystery Length 139.00cmBradley Marshall86469
Mystery Length 235.60cmBrian Murrell11020

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