1st123.50cmLee Elms
2nd115.10cmAllen Barr
3rd114.00cmKevin Smith
Jr 1st104.10cmKeyra Smith
Jr 2nd101.20cmDrayer Smith
Mystery Length: 83.0cm85.50cmPeter Stephenson


1st86.10cmMark Holmes
2nd78.40cmWolfgang Kager
3rd75.60cmHeath Edmondson
Jr 1st66.70cmMichael Joos
Jr 2nd62.20cmCody Jensen
Mystery Length: 67.0cm67.40cmJoe Pardon


1st44.70cmBrett Van Lathum
2nd42.50cmJason Russell
3rd41.70cmShane Levesconte
Jr 1st44.40cmAngus Van Lathum
Jr 2nd42.00cmZach Russell
Mystery Length: 35.8cm35.70cmDavid Kajewski

Check out the Prizes page for details of what these lucky anglers have won.

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