Fight a Fish

For Medical Research



1st45.00cmPatrick Taylor11594
2nd44.90cmGemma Kummer97050
3rd44.30cmJoel Bailey77057
Jr 1st44.30cmHarry Marshall32891
Jr 2nd40.60cmKaden Agius*85352
Jr 3rd40.60cmAydan Goodchild*71214
Mystery Length 1 - 38.4cm38.40cmDavid Shanahan*86940
Mystery Length 2 - 35.5cm35.50cmAndrew Williams*30081

* – Countback: Kaden Agius upload Sun 7.15pm; Aydan Goodchild upload Sun 8.17pm; David Shanahan upload Sat 6.52pm; Andrew Williams upload Sun 6.48pm


1st68.30cmRobyn Hall22122
2nd62.70cmMatthew Louden99331
3rd62.50cmMichelle Brown54371
Jr 1st67.60cmJade Taylor14537
Jr 2nd47.50cmMitchell Farley26146
Jr 3rd46.80cmTye Robinson44567
Mystery Length 1 - 71.0cm70.50cmJamie Hartley27010
Mystery Length 2 - 63.4cm63.60cmStephen Bartlett39965

** – Honorable mention to Harry Marshall VIC Jr Flathead 59.8cm and 1st VIC Jr Bream

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