Fight a Fish

For Medical Research


Sorry, nothing to show!


1st43.70cmJohn Roberts39486
2nd43.50cmColin Brownlie30167
3rd43.40cmDean Hurle16636
Jr 1st47.00cmWill Farley32173
Jr 2nd44.40cmBrooke Herbert11983
Jr 3rd42.30cmHarry Young93054
Mystery Length 37.5cm37.50cmChris Davis62949


1st91.70cmAdam Walker95785
2nd85.90cmBrendon Jeanes56730
3rd77.00cmGeorge Nigro63814
Jr 1st49.50cmRuby Coles97660
Jr 2nd46.70cmRoman Jooson99670
Jr 3rd41.30cmEvelyn Perkins60688
Mystery Length 67.5cm64.40cmSteven Gill52298

* – Decided on count back. Click here for the full list of Winners.

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