1st45.10cmCraig Savory48958
2nd44.60cmHarrison Young90272
3rd44.50cmChris Davis18821
Jr 1st43.90cmTom Mason45042
Jr 2nd43.00cmMitchell Farley29453
Jr 3rd41.30cmJamison Bills71776
Mystery Length 137.20cmIan Freshwater*82310
Mystery Length 234.10cmDavid Ballinger28557

* – Countback: Ian Freshwater upload Sunday 3.45pm


1st93.00cmBrett Dennis70167
2nd90.10cmJohn Laszczyk15111
3rd74.40cmWendy Severs68424
Jr 1st67.20cmAngus Jones74983
Jr 2nd64.20cmPenelope Schueler23654
Jr 3rd58.10cmMadeline Schueler47778
Mystery Length 168.50cmJames Martin96582
Mystery Length 261.60cmCiaran Doolan96267

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