Fight a Fish

For Medical Research

Top End


1st122.40cmTim Bolch47430
2nd96.50cmMatt Bannister32984
3rd93.30cmPeter Toms32236
Jr 1st96.00cmKade Lehmann11443
Jr 2nd83.00cmJim Smith52977
Jr 3rd82.20cmTex Lehmann38474
Mystery Length 86.0cm84.00cmMatthew Gregs52362
Jr Special Mention94.00cmBohdi Gregs39687


1st122.90cmDaniel Browne81546
2nd101.70cmOliver Hill48347
3rd91.50cmMitchell Dyson30558
Jr 1st89.00cmBohdi Gregs39687
Jr 2nd86.60cmCody McShane71390
Jr 3rd86.00cmTaj Lovell96000
Mystery Length 75.0cm76.40cmSteve Westley91311

* – Decided on count back. Click here for the full list of Winners.

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