Top End


1st103.90cmNick Oliver23767
2nd101.80cmJordan Waterbury57339
3rd101.10cmDave Weston25698
Jr 1st80.60cmBillie Smith33253
Jr 2nd79.70cmMatilda Smith40595
Jr 3rd77.00cmDexter Lehmann97531
Mystery Length 190.90cmTed Petterson32658
Mystery Length 272.30cmJamie Johnson45238


1st96.30cmSara Hennessy44397
2nd87.80cmLaurie Backhouse76264
3rd87.00cmGlenn Edmonds30262
Jr 1st87.00cmBrae Bonnett75992
Jr 2nd86.70cmRhys Edmonds21853
Jr 3rd84.00cmZac Perry19108
Mystery Length 180.00cmGreg Scheffler79981
Mystery Length 263.80cmBen Bonnett68363

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