Fight a Fish

For Medical Research

Top End


1st107.50cmJacob Lewis34882
2nd106.30cmAndrew Westlake52584
3rd105.00cmSean Spicer17681
Jr 1st92.80cmKobe McElwee74710
Jr 2nd85.90cmHarrison McElwee13704
Jr 3rd70.50cmJim Smith34442
Mystery Length 1 - 94.5cm95.30cmDave Weston99805
Mystery Length 2 - 78.6cm77.20cmNikita Taylor15088

Trevally (all species)

1st127.00cmDaniel Browne69666
2nd118.20cmJoshua Fitzgerald29394
3rd116.00cmBrock Shepherd55247
Jr 1st96.40cmTaj Lovell43273
Jr 2nd91.10cmMax Lovell20255
Jr 3rd90.50cmSummer Jeffs35264
Mystery Length 1 - 88.0cm88.30cmEmma Ferguson12307
Mystery Length 2 - 66.0cm63.50cmTomas Frantom24855

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