Fight a Fish

For Medical Research


Top End


1st *95.00cmRodney Nagawalli
2nd *95.00cmRay Goodman
3rd93.00cmMaria Heathcoat
Jr 1st74.80cmKiannah Bryant
Jr 2nd66.60cmKade Lehmann
Jr 3rd66.00cmCooper Blackman
Mystery Length - 79.0cm80.30cmVicki Bartlem

Trevally (all species)

1st102.00cmScott Clark
2nd100.40cmRhys Coxon
3rd90.50cmRussell Meyers
Jr 1st79.70cmMax Meyers
Jr 2nd74.10cmSkye Arnold
Jr 3rdNot won
Mystery Length - 71.5cm72.00cmMark Gavenlock

* Decided on count back.

Check out the Prizes page for details of what these lucky anglers have won.



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