Fight a Fish

For Medical Research

SA and Sth WA


1st53.00cmDarryl Lees72161
2nd52.90cmSean Pearce12939
3rd51.00cmGeorge Popa75184
Jr 1st49.30cmAmahli Howard69617
Jr 2nd45.00cmKatie Black80199
Jr 3rd44.30cmRose Lumsden51759
Mystery Length 1 - 46.3cm46.00cmCraig Martin63192
Mystery Length 2 - 41.1cm41.20cmLen Dempsey72133


1st47.40cmMark Wilkins81105
2nd43.40cmTyson Tate59606
3rd43.20cmJoseph Gardner79757
Jr 1st44.00cmThomas Tate68937
Jr 2nd42.80cmJarek Smithson32997
Jr 3rd42.30cmLevi Hayden49220
Mystery Length 1 - 39.1cm39.10cmNathanial Lindquist20835
Mystery Length 2 - 35.2cm35.10cmMark Semple34617

* – Decided on count back. Click here for the full list of Winners.

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