SA and Sth WA


1st48.00cmSean Pearson24130
2nd47.90cmTrevor Mathews35078
3rd44.80cmRussell Lees11834
Jr 1st44.20cmTom Tate41208
Jr 2nd42.30cmWill Roberson16210
Jr 3rd41.50cmMitchell Eley60936
Mystery Length 138.60cmKaye Brouwer36594
Mystery Length 234.90cmJohn Brouwer17003


1st57.60cmMichael Brodie64484
2nd52.80cmCybele Nikoloff*42844
3rd52.80cmTyson Glynn*94123
Jr 1st48.00cmShavonne Rhodes22547
Jr 2nd47.40cmWill Trowbridge80018
Jr 3rd43.00cmJonty Smith88606
Mystery Length 143.30cmJacob Wilkins73759
Mystery Length 236.60cmCharlie Rawson36590

* – Countback: Cybele Nikoloff upload Sunday 4.07pm and Tyson Glynn upload Sunday 5.56pm

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