1st114.50cmRichard Anders
2nd111.00cmPeter Rossington
3rd104.80cmJake Algie
Jr 1st71.60cmMatthew Moore
Jr 2nd71.00cmLachlan Eves
Mystery Length - 82.0cm81.10cmEric Leatham


1st81.30cmDavid McCracken
2nd79.40cmCraig Gorringe
3rd77.00cmWolfgang Kager
Jr 1st68.20cmJonah Cobanov
Jr 2nd63.00cmRuku Ban-Hick
Mystery Length - 68.5cm68.30cmNathan Togo

Trevally (all species)

1st111.40cmJason Jesse
2nd105.00cmVik Roycombough
3rd88.50cmDebbie Smith
Jr 1st79.10cmDrayer Smith
Jr 2nd76.00cmKeyra Smith
Mystery Length67.70cmDonald Patterson


1st43.30cmPaul Burgum-Mountford
2nd43.20cmJason Martin
3rd42.10cmJake Egan
Jr 1st42.60cmCooper Martin
Jr 2nd41.60cmAngus Van Lathum
Mystery Length - 36.4cm36.20cmAndrew Kleinschmidt

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