Fight a Fish

For Medical Research


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1st103.70cmCian Cochran50218
2nd100.60cmTrevor Richards22391
3rd99.20cmCraig Ninnes85835
Jr 1st118.10cmBrock Creagh70760
Jr 2nd110.00cmKai Matsumoto64923
Jr 3rd100.00cmSunny Wilson21347
Mystery Length 84.5cm85.30cmJason Henrich83780


1st85.70cmCraig Barrass37299
2nd74.10cmGary Rodgers64644
3rd71.70cmCameron Reid*38673
Jr 1st78.70cmRuku Ban-Hick17294
Jr 2nd73.90cmLachlan O'Gorman11396
Jr 3rd69.80cmDeclan Newton69038
Mystery Length 68.0cm68.10cmRyan McClelland18219


1st83.00cmMichael Lester99344
2nd65.80cmDarryn Jones97547
3rd54.00cmJulie Jesse35339
Jr 1st81.00cmLathan Wall70339
Jr 2nd45.00cmDarby Blackford80730
Jr 3rd44.70cmMason Cooper81823
Mystery Length 69.0cm69.00cmOwen Roeser53243


1st42.70cmAndrew Kleinschmidt23798
2nd41.30cmLuke Kenderick73645
3rd40.60cmNicole Kelly26045
Jr 1st42.70cmJack Kleinschmidt42183
Jr 2nd40.10cmMax Mcdonald97049
Jr 3rd36.10cmRebecca Clarke81403
Mystery Length 38.0cm38.20cmSean Madden42097

* – Decided on count back. Click here for the full list of Winners.

Check out the Prizes page for details of what these lucky anglers have won.