Fight a Fish

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1st117.50cmStephen Cruse31705
2nd115.20cmCraig Ninnes78727
3rd111.70cmJordan Lewis31997
Jr 1st104.60cmAidan Leibel56686
Jr 2nd89.80cmZach Kennedy46402
Jr 3rd77.20cmLockie Hoare53949
Mystery Length 1 - 89.0cm88.80cmCharlie Heron83282
Mystery Length 2 - 76.5cm76.30cmJosh Lyon80065


1st82.20cmGraeme Kennedy92405
2nd81.00cmMichael Hardisty21076
3rd79.00cmDavid Brain12574
Jr 1st84.50cmCalab Mayall95246
Jr 2nd83.70cmLochlan Moore82760
Jr 3rd81.70cmLachlan O'Gorman27548
Mystery Length 1 - 69.5cm69.80cmLuke Nolen48897
Mystery Length 2 - 60.8cm60.80cmJohn Dockray68070


1st76.70cmDarryl French20820
2nd71.20cmMichael Pedulla58792
3rd67.00cmLeon Ost60198
Jr 1st70.70cmAshley Pedulla47237
Jr 2nd49.40cmNoah Inglis82416
Jr 3rd46.30cmJack Butler47729
Mystery Length 1 - 61.5cm61.20cmTony Scharf*46571
Mystery Length 2 - 51.5cm49.10cmDamian Carlino15911

* – Countback: Tony Scharf upload Sun 5.09pm


1st42.10cmAndrew Kleinschmidt59775
2nd42.00cmPhillip Marsden93048
3rd41.10cmJohn McCabe24875
Jr 1st40.00cmAngus Van Lathum85452
Jr 2nd36.40cmEli Marsden30427
Jr 3rd34.40cmJessica Clarke80910
Mystery Length 1 - 38.5cm39.00cmAshley Marsden*88901
Mystery Length 2 - 37.2cm37.20cmWayne Nolen51670

* – Countback: Ashley Marsden upload Sun 4.36pm

** – Honorable Mention to Preston Rai QLD Trevally 64.0cm and 1st EC Jr Bass

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