Great Dividing Range

The Pirtek Fishing Challenge is all about giving fishos maximum opportunity to fish their local waterways. That’s why, back in 2015, we introduced the Great Dividing Range category.

With the success of the Murray Darling Basin category we could see an opportunity to add a freshwater fish to the rugged mountainous areas of the Great Dividing Range from the Queensland/New South Wales border south to western Victoria finishing at the Grampians.

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Below you will find guidelines for this category:

  • The Great Dividing Range (GDR) encompasses an area from Dauan Island off the north-eastern tip of Queensland, running the entire length of the eastern coastline through New South Wales then into Victoria and turning west, before finally fading into the central plain at the Grampians in western Victoria.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The target species for the GDR category will be a freshwater fish which inhabits an area inside the GDR boundary from the southern Queensland border through New South Wales and Victoria finishing at the Grampians.
  • Fish eligible for the Challenge can be caught in any public river, tributary or impoundment flowing or existing inside the GDR boundary as per the map.
  • Competitors can be from Queensland, ACT / New South Wales and Victoria.
  • This category will be catch, photograph and release.
  • Competitors may only upload one photograph for the competition. If the fish entered is in the Great Dividing Range category you may not enter a fish in your State category.
  • Fish entered in this category are nominated as Great Dividing Range or GDR and not State specific.
  • Public impoundments contained inside the PFC Great Dividing Range Boundary Map and open to fishing for the target species selected are eligible for inclusion.
  • Private dams and impoundments are strictly excluded from the Pirtek Fishing Challenge.
  • There will be one (1) target species in the Great Dividing Range category:
    • A $4000 mystery length cash prize for the target species will be awarded for the senior competition only.
    • Prizes will be awarded for first, second, third and junior first and second for the target species. These prizes are for the fish measuring the longest, second longest and third longest in each category.

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